Research interests:

Evangelos’s research interests include Applied Economic Analysis. Business Economics and Industrial Economics. More specifically, Evangelos has published articles on Regulation Policies and Competition Strategies, Managerial Delegation, Innovation, Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, New Economy Issues, Internet Economics and Tourism Economics.

In addition he has presented his work at numerous international conferences including the annual conferences of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), the European Association Environmental Resource Economists (EAERE), the Association of Southern European Economic Theorists (ASSET), the Centre for Competition and Regulation Policy Workshops (CCRP) and Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics (CRETE).

Publications in Refereed Journals:

  1. I. Barreda-Tarrazona, N. Georgantzís, C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas, and E. Petrakis, (2016).  “Endogenous managerial compensation contracts in experimental quantity-setting duopolies”. Forthcoming, Economic Modelling, Vol 54, 205-217.
  2. J. Nollet, G Filis and E. Mitrokostas (2016) “Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: A non-linear and disaggregated approach”.  Economic Modelling, Vol 52, 400–407.
  3. C. Manasakis,  E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis. (2014). Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Activities and Corporate Governance in Imperfectly Competitive Markets, Managerial and Decision Economics Vol 35, pp 460–473.
  4. E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis, (2014). “Organizational structure, strategic delegation and innovation in oligopolistic industries”.  Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol 23, No 1, pp. 1-24.
  5. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas, and E. Petrakis, (2013). “Certification of CSR activities in Oligopolistic Markets” Canadian Journal of Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d’Economique, Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 282-309.
  6. E. Mitrokostas and A. Apostolakis, (2013). “Research Note: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Competition in the Tourism Industry. A Theoretical Approach”. Tourism Economics.  Vol 19 ,No 4 ,pp.  967–974.
  7. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas, and E. Petrakis, (2010). “Endogenous Managerial Incentive Contracts in a Differentiated Duopoly, with and without Commitment”. Managerial and Decision Economics. Vol 31,  No 8,  pp. 531-543.
  8. P. Kavassalis, D. Drossos, E. Mitrokostas, et al., (2003). “Mobile Permission Marketing: Framing the Market Inquiry”. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol 8, No 1,  pp. 55-79.

Other Publications:

  1. E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis, (2007). “Public Policy and Private CSR Activities: Complements or Substitutes?”. CSR PAPER 22.2007, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
  2. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis, (2006). “Corporate Social Responsibility in Oligopolistic Markets”. CSR PAPER 7.2006, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei.

Work in Progress:

  1. M. Alipranti, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis: (2016). “Optimal advertising portfolio in oligopolistic markets”, Submitted.
  2. C. Manasakis, E. Mitrokostas and E. Petrakis, (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility and International Trade. Submitted.
  3. A. Garcia Gallego, N. Georgantzís, Tarek Jaber-Lopez and E. Mitrokostas  (2016). “Nuggets of goodness in the nest of evil?”, WIP.
  4. Iván Barreda-Tarrazona, Nikolaos Georgantzis, Tarek Jaber-López, Evangelos Mitrokostas, Nicholas Ziros (2016). “Much ado about nothing: Intense trade of low-quality products”, WIP.

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