Evangelos is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since November 2013.

Evangelos lectures in the area of Applied Economic Analysis and Business Economics. In the past has taught on a variety of modules including Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Economics, Game Theory,  Market Structure and Strategy of Firms, Managerial Economics, Business Competition and Regulation, Entrepreneurship, in both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has also supervised numerous postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations.

In particular, Evangelos’s teaching experience includes :

Hellenic Open University

  • DEO 34: Economic Analysis and Policy ((Undergraduate Level)

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania: CIHEAM IAMC

  • Price Analysis (Postgraduate Level)

University of  Portsmouth, Portsmouth Business School, Economics, and Finance Subject Group.

  • Business Economics (Postgraduate Level)
  • Advanced topics in Business Economics (Postgraduate Level)
  • Managerial Economics (Postgraduate Level)
  • Business Environment (Postgraduate Level)
  • Industrial Economics (Undergraduate Level)
  • Business Competition and Regulation  (Undergraduate Level)
  • Managerial & Decision  Economics  (Undergraduate Level)
  • Economics of Europe  (Undergraduate Level)

University of Cyprus, Department of Economics.

  • Industrial Organization (OIK312- Undergraduate Level)
  • Structure and Strategy of Firms (OIK362- Undergraduate Level)

Teaching assistant, University of Crete, Department of Economics.

  • Microeconomics II, (Postgraduate Level)
  • Entrepreneurship I “Organization and Management of a Technological Oriented SME” (Undergraduate Level)
  • Entrepreneurship II “Business Plan Development” (Undergraduate Level)
  • Game Theory (Undergraduate Level)

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